hour unwind

around that time

when the clouds

and when the shadows

and how it comes around

and then it states

and how it feels the best of honesty

and what it ploys

and how it employs

and how it sleeps

and then it rests

and again upon

where it was the often overlooked

and what isn’t so seen

and what it leaps

and how it rests for the best

and its a countdown

to a uplift in rest


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love next day

how you feel twenty fours ago

and where did it all go away

and now you run into a circle

and a bad cycle and what is the blown ego

and how is the often lead

and where it found out

and how it is all restored

and where it said a matter of perspective

and what it gathered

and how it did more than it ever wanted

and it felt

a rush and a strange inside


what it felt was slightly off

and its own promise

and then it seemed

a glance

and its own wanting to reclaim

isolated moments


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thursday soon

where you come around

and what is the plot

and how the bowl is full

and where it seemed

another very important detaila

and what it occured

and how i dangled and it alarmed

and where it should have known

and where it heard

and how it emerged

and what it told of a story

and how it upsets

and then it projects

and then it takes on a slogan

and its own notice


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one lied

kept you scared

and where is the horse

that refuses to run

and afraid of being afraid

and how is the dealt

and what is the point

and how it keeps something


and then it moves

with a burning desire

and how it says

and where it stands on and along

and then it pauses

and where it lead

and what it shouted

and how it is founded

and made again


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at the time

went into a circle

and wonder the side

and how it said

and where it made

that turning and its own

many previous ways

and why it flagged on down

and where it seemed

that everything was bound

and how it makes and what it shadows

and how it keeps on coming

and where it took

and how it framed

and what it said

and then it argues

and what it



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book browse

where is the outlet

and how it said a meeting

and welcome to take

and embrace

and how it gathered and then it collected

wanted to be well rehearsed

and wanted to educate

and where is the other need

and how its foundation

and where it removed

and then it leased

and kept it all the way


and how it took a matter

and how it danced


and again

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love in worn

what was the clothes

and what made you fall in love

with that illusion

and how it was a process

and its own purpose

and how it caught

and where it kept

a margin

and whom was to concearn

and where it said

and then it plotted

and how it made a mention

and how it solved a mystery

and its own curious


and how it all


and went


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fresh words

open is the way it was played

and laughing all the way

unto what is the path

and how it would rather

bathe it all away

and how it said

a matter and where it said

and how it suffered and how it

rushes and where it said

and how it builds

and then it fights beyond

that silent ear

and where it takes a leave

and then it profits

a purpose


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comedy drama

where is life

when it tap dances

and hops like a ping pong ball

and it covers its own net

and what is the overall

scene and how it juggles

and it makes the plan

and what it says

and then it does otherwise

and where it provides

and what it last


and how it begged and took

a leave and wanted sophistication

and where it borrowed

and then it strived


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you know for sure

what is the weather

and what is the temperture

and how it rises

and what it sets the world straight about

and how can one be called a loser

and yet walk around

and turn the page

and make it all a reality and what

it best has in store

and what is the band

and how it plays

and way it feels on out here

and its own need

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