decent rest

peace of that earth

and how it hears

and what it knows

and how it states

and what it feels

and then it shows

and how it believes

and where it functions

and how the evening

and how it takes

and where it brought

the many night and its own


and its own cause

and how it took

and where it looked

and how it solved

and its a calm reaction


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occur to me

where it lasted

and how it treated

and its own reward

and how it was once a time

and then it was a dirt road

and what is the switch

and how it came along

and where it discovered

and how it broke on through

and what it was pushed aside

and how it taught

a different spin

and what it didn’t always understand

and how it was so

and then its a catch


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love just be aware

what it swngs

and how it takes

and then it makes love

very lightely and how it

says and then it corners

all the expressions

and how it took a pign

and  pulling for the rare

and its own secure

and this is the truth to me

and how it looks

and then it seems

something and how it caused

its own


and desires

and how it

flows at that door


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tuesday with words

hear the city

and it awaits

for something

and how it becomes

and where it takes

and how it

calls with all the numbers

and yet its not even talking

just keeping an eye on what you

trying and making it do

and where it

refuses the theme

and its own caution

and its own

better of you

and better of me

and how happy one and the

spirit can be


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some days of dreams

went into a flood

and didn’t roll the pants leg


and how it went and it made a mark

and how something is taken for  granted

and now it drives the intensity

and how it won’t ever be denied

and how it longs and then its words

makes it all come alive

and breath a tone

and  how  it  played

nothing left for chance

as the best for this dance


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summer passion love

stepping on a beach

and how it feels

and where it lands

the sands

and how high it grows

and where it leads

and what it thinks

and how it  gains something

and how it promises

and  that corner

and its feature

and how it

heard what was said

and done and then made

a time or so before

and where it stands

on that line and its own

we thought along


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what i look for

sometimes just window watching

and chilling with innocent amongest ous

and how it doesn’t mean two coings

to play an side table

how many eyes can lay claim

it was whom one was looking for

and then it was a funny

charm and how it was combined

and what is the basic thing

calling and how it stride and above

for its own image

and it carwaled

and it was kinda rough


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spot of return

did you drop something over here

such as your heart

and how it feels

and it felt very slippery

and how it was a moment

and its own strange time

and what are the traces

and where are the fine prints

which lead and where it

starts and moves on

and how it seldom


the lead and its own finding

and how it is raised and nothing

without a word


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september reminds

where has this time and place been

before and which way can one go

and how it seeks

and what it wants

and how it thrives

and what it sometimes

has a making and its own inting

and how it all

thinks of something of which

it mingles and how

it cuts a certain amount of the pcitures

and its own delay and what it was sees

as a real time


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wrap like a hug

gifts are in all shapes sizes

and place

and some are truly felt

and some are direct

and speak on that warm

proud and profound embrace

and it challenged and it wnet

toward that distance and how

nothing was used against the eyes

and once applied

it became the breath

and how it took

and then it was the

a wonderful rush of life

and how it can and it dropped

the east of its own west


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