float in rest

took away

and how it felt

nothing to think about

and nothing to spend

one and one

with the stars

and the outside surfaces

though the door is closed

and the feeling and its own


is free to unwind

and be a force

with the best that the comfort

and its own non noise

is allowed to be away

and the evening

becomes day


as the eyes

are within an ocean

which moves and breaths

a great dream


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next warmth of summer

where it is feeling

and where it makes

and what it tends

and what it sees

and how it thinks

and what is the capture

and what is the fever

and what is the take

and how it all makes

and one of its own

odd burst

and odd theme

and what is the burning

and how it all

thinks and where it feels

and what it shifts

and how it all

edges upon


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tuesday ease

glide on through

and how the story

and how the sight

and its scenes

and what it was

and how it slammed

and it smashed

and it looked


and how it was so loose

and why do the same


and how it all went into

a whole different frame

did you not ever

and did you never


and how it all

and where it left off

and how it spent time

working on in

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love you another time

summer time and the season

and how to see your face

and picture and fell in love

and thought it was the bells

and the whistles and how it all went off

as one and the same

and how it was so soon

and what it occured

and what is so odd

and what is something

that links

and it has parts and it has

the meaning

and how it all

was dreamed about

and a rich fantasy

where it woke up and how it all



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outside words

do as you see fit

and sometimes

you gotta do what is the front

and not what is rearview

and then it takes a message

and how it all runs like water

and it has its own system

and how it plays

and makes the most of it all

and where can you sense

something isn’t right for you

and that it is needed

to go into another direction

and be at peace

where it stands


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love so dizzy

feel that bug

and how it all

makes you so walking

and so off

and how it switches

and how it all

flicks and it goes back and forth

what is the coming and what is the


and what is the door

and how it rings

and it feels like cupid

has sent a phone message

toward your ears

and how it all

makes you light and how it all

makes you feeling a strange motion

all in one movement

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going somewhere

pass the note

and what is the signal

and what is the pace

and how quickly is the motor

and where is this boat

heated to

and how it seems

and how it moves

and where it takes and it goes on

and what it suggests

and how it tends to read

and what it


and the other door

and what it

says and how it builds on up


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feel earth

where you step on to the next day

look over at the side and see

somebody drinking kool aid

and wondering what is the flavor

and what is the pitcher

and how does it taste

and something so simple and easy

tends to get the best of the mind

and how it charms

and how it wants

and where it longs to go

and how it says it is so

and where the globe goes

and its beauty


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he danced in shoes

what was the time

and what was the purpose

of being rich and having it all

and then it all

had hopes and ambition

and what was the turning point

as the clips and the film projector

was going and non stop

and funny how the run

and its own goal

was planted at a early stage

and it had all the rage

and being the best

and never settling for less

and using the mind

to out pace and out roll

all on coming feet

that had to jump in the way


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love through aingles

different things

set the mind

and different things

lock the surroundings

and how it all

pushed and how it all

caused and where it was


and what it was the purpose

and how it all

thought out

and it went about its own manner

and where it was

the place and how it all

to signal and cave into the forrest

and its own desire

and where it wanted

to go

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