rest on

now is the time

and time is the now

very deep and just uneasy

and  no nerves

and fight back

just  belong

and have what it seems

and how it best takes

want and feel where it all comes

and the joy

feed and how it got that point

and its own wave

ease on that need

and has it said


and it caused

something over and enough

so through


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bells to your love

what is the golden arrival

and how it sounds

and where it leads things down

and how it points and it seems

where is the corner

and the character

and  the acting

and meaning

and its own making

we wave and throw the best onward

and  watch and wink for the most

and how it seems

and what it has the personal

and its own grip and coming

over that scene


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wednesday untold

where is the secret

and who is the one

and how it keeps a paper

and it peeps the whereabouts

does it applaud or will it ignore

and where is the concearn

and what is the secret

and who is to bare

and then it leaves a trace

and its own forgiven

and how it dances

and it mingles alongside

and find me a stance

and a shadow

over the same

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so sweet

bring a personality

and forget the hatin

and do the thing

and share a gift

and it ain’t gotta be

about a reward

just have what you need

and what you want

see above the forecast

and how the subtle clouds drops

and  hang  around

and where the snake and how it circles

and then it forgets

and how it is time zone

and where those plants

and the water hits

don’t bite me

embrace that good

and bring that special



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other source

where it had

and then it solved

and it might be

the storm

and its own  digest

and where it works

and how says

and how it finds

and then its own coming

and has it all

the thumbs

and its own  thought

and its own coming

and then it stores

and what it welcomes

and how it defeats

and  how it settle

and it might forget

and then move on along


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some kind

portray and how it leads

and where it longs

and what  it must be

and how it said

and where it heard

and then it took a life

and all of its collection

and where it benefits

and how it touch

and then it longs

and how it feels

and how it solves

and  overall

and how it challenges

and how it said

that effort

and its own


and wealth


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thought ok

didn’t know what had happen

were you left alone

and how the mental fire

had come into the room

and burned the spirit and the soul

no water or tears

to settle the hurt

and it make the pain all the easy

and where it was the thunder

and how it was a smile

and what is the counter

and how it speaks

and then it welcomes

and how it flows on


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flying wall

things are moving

and how it goes

and where it changes

and then it has words

and how it words

and then it places the blame

and who is the call

and where it wants

and then it calls

and where it feels

the emotions

and how it takes

and then it speaks

of the nerve

and what is the difference

and how it engages

and it went away

and how it thrives


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secret service are they protecting President Obama?

what is going on here? the conspiracy theory in me

thinks and feel that President Obama ain’t getting the same

security and watching as other presidents

and one has to  wonder with all the recent events

that have gone down the past few weeks?

i see musicians and other entertainers

having bodyguards and protection

all the way around the building

and back and you mean

that the president has cats hopping the white house fence

and getting on elevators with him

and its a slow moving process?

what gives if the president

isn’t even getting the best of protection?

makes one wonder

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other looks

saw a face in the cool

and where is the meaning

and what got along

and how it seemed

and where it was the shuffle

and who is the best

and what it had

told those turn arounds

and how it seem

that feeling

and how it gained

and it didn’t speak

and then it took a long

hard look

as the sky above

and those without a glue

had to be even more unaware

as if time stood still

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