as one sleeps

deep and to the depth to being

so well rested

and feeling where it needs

and how it all seeks

and it becomes the feeling

and what it steps onward

and how it all

and what it relaxes

and its own turn of events

and how it all said

and where it left before

the time

and how the event

and its own daring ways

and its own need

and what it feels


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stands to question

what gives when it takes

so many moments and so many minutes

and what are the feelings inside

when its all bottled

and left to be sealed

and what is the on going deal

and how can it ever

refuse and be where it needs

and it longs to be

and what is the forefront

and what is the common goal

and how it all is pushed

and made to be left

on its own sea

and where will it take


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flying love

across the globe

and spin into something

where the rivers

and the flowing pure flowers

and how they are designed

and they take a lead

and the eyes on the prize

and its own meaning

what it cares

and how one

and its own temper

gets at the tug and its own thought

and where it folded

and what it looked and saw

the other obstacle and its own first hand


and the wings

that spread it toward

a warmth


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july ran onward

when it seem

and what it felt

so much passion

and where it was the hair

things flowing

and how it all goes and its own


and what the time

and its own month

and its going and flowing

kind and wondering time

and where it thrives

and where it stops

and how it all merit

and things

stand on where

they bend takes and how it all

makes the better


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left not remembered

been on a place and its own time

and how a name and what it meant

got forgotten

and what is the false

and what is the edge

and how is it ever answered

and does the stars make use

of the center

and its own need

and mental nerve

won’t remember what it said

and won’t ask where it was

the other shore

and its own making

bring it back again


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city chase

heard the noise

and didn’t get what it made

the hands and the outlook

become withdrawn

and how it all seemed to change overnight

and where is the answer when the pen

won’t write and the paper is missing a proper word

to use

and how it all seem so out to lunch

though the bill was on the table

and it drove

and it leased over a dream

and it pointed sideways


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july theory

welcome to theĀ  source

and what is the greeting

and what is the general

and how it all

and its own business

and what it matters

and how it all bulks

and what awaits

and what is the first hand

which lead on you

and what it said

and how it all got a second chance

and where it was sleep

and where it was


and how it all evened itself out


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something of air

where it felt

and where it came on

and how it seemed

and where it lead

and the overall caution

and its own theme

and it overall breeze

and what it came

and how it all made the most

and its best laid plans

and whom was the circus

and what it spoke

and thought for the mere

and its own way of winning

and what it morphed into again


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love made attention

camera was in the way

and it wanted to add

another pair of the eyes

and why are you afraid

and not understanding

what you long to see

and how does it all lead

into a subjective


and yet it goes into a shallow


and whom is the other voice

which meets down by the stairs

and its own fleet

and its own take

and how it all


a need


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work on your game

what is the place

and what is the frame

and how it all ties

and being as it sees so fit

and what it keeps

and what it things

and how is the manner

and what is the push

and how does it all light

and what it reflects

and what it does to bridge

and how it all sings

and allows that message

and it kept on stepping

and its own groove


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