sleep with open windows

blow into the world

as it was with  grace

and the rise of beauty

that will bring the news

and its own next

and how it was a caution

and its own mental tale

and nothing else shall

ever fail

and those are the  effects

and its own best  device

and how it was a part

and how it was a role

and something so nice

felt that movement

and how it landed

so well


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rather it lie

some days its harder to tell

the truth

and its like cutting yourself


and putting a band aid on it to cover it up

how the pain stings and it bleeds

and yet it was taken away

could you look in the eye

in real time and still act as if a ghost

was front and center

and how it was the signal

and it wanted to cut on out

its nature and its own changing

of the time


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friday expense

dollar and it was the amount

never a lonely key

and  how it was a hustle

and it own  dream

going into the taken

and where it was the tool

and those are the cool

and being that role

and how it was the fool

name and stay so sane

took a leave

and made the day

around a time

where nothing was taken

and all it had

fast forward


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open heard

gotten in the way

and how it whistled

and where it headed

as it thrived

and what it must have stormed

and it left the cliff

over the fall

and its own floor

drops and its own drips

stains and its own forrests

and those are the flames

and how it plots

and its own caused behavior

and where it took

a exact turn about

and never spoke on it again


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tip and turn

how it is eyed

and those are the best traits

and those are the return

for the take and shake down

meanings and those values

how it was a alarm clock

and where it went off

and how it meant the turning

and its own motivation

said it best

and wanted it the most

and how it heard

a shadow and its own challenges

wise for the crowd

and employed as its own


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turkey dinner

had a turkey dinner

with mashed potatoes

sweet potatoes with marshmellows

rasins and  hot tea

also with sparkling water orange mango.

what was planned and how to feast

became something that just came into a dream

and it didn’t take as long as one would think.

found a direct to microwave turkey compilation at costco

and it only took cutting the turkey into halves and putting the sauce

on top.

it made things so much easier. all to do was cook the mash potatoes in a seperate

pan and the sweet potatoes in a seperate one.

timing and making it all work

was a great treat indeed.

dessert was a cut of pumkin pie and apple pie.

wash it down with white peony cake tea.

an aged tea. very memorable indeed.




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find gold in dust

reach for something

and hope the fingers will find

a  hidden treasure

and how it was a sprinkle

and its own dried out mist

average is turned into brillance

and its own  over view

and how it stakes a claim

and how it was a beat

and where it was threat

and then it was all ended

and how it was

a catch and its own loose ends

heard and felt

and some never sink in fully

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romance in pictures

big screen

and add a star by your name

sat around

and wanted to be pampered

and be seen as the star of all stars

and making the moon tap dance

by your feet

and how it was the best of all the beats

and how it was  catching the extreme amount of heat

being and those are the  theme

and one of the  cure and its own dream

exception and whom are the rules

and how it ends


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begin as you start

fast as it wanted to be closed

where it heard

and it made the points

and how it was a section

where it closed off

those that didn’t vent

out frustration however

painted a slide

and its own moving pictures

wasn’t it always  left for blinders

and where it was the taken

and how it heard

and wishful  timing

and its own party by its own sea

stop along

and enjoy that last call

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as it plays out

only if life could not reflect

the  predictable  outcome at times

and yet it was the finding

and its own key toward a theme

sold on a dream

and how it woke the magical

slide and how it ran down a road

and its own


and then it felt a theme going on

silly to have over slept

and a pity to not be aware

some choice words

and other outlooks


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