For that once

What left you alone
What keeps in your crawl
Heard as headed and time
To keep and roses as to each
And thy own
When it appears closer
Than it was
And yet further away
Than it is
How it does things to the imagination
Whistle and keep pace
Thump and held that bass
In the round
And climb
To a higher

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Beauty for april

Your moves are spring
The spark of nature
As the wind blows
Is the touch of forever
As a movie of telling and breath
And caught! In its own reminder
Doing a rule as it was to keep things
So cool
And never be played as so short
Exchange and refrain
Told as to fix
And not be seduced
As a knickel and dime
It all
Some kinda

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Rather telling

Thought of a past
Thought of a friend
Thought of the dry
Something to bite
And whom questions
To chew
In reality and form
As view
And paint as the measure
As holding from the comfort
As thy state as a other side of you
For this minute
And direct
As its dice
And level

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Pretty lashes

Must of been a face
That stood out from crowds
Wonder the scent
Turn and time
So spent
As the cover and being
As the signs
And. Incredible you long
To bare
Circle as this water
Flesh as the kiss
Of the imagination
Center as feelings
In the mental heat
Push the limits
And reflect through the eyes
As glowing stars
Changing the visual
Place into
This space

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No visit

Taken for granted
Wise and words
Brush aside ego
Merit as the hour
Stark as contrast
And wave in evidence
Property as the phase
In the middle to truth
All as the road and travel
In the mood be so concearned
Dare as the element
And pause the dial
No more

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Up this way

Tap upon
Moment and movie
So well to be played
Last time as to stare
Current as a theme
Tide and level to rise
Gain as the fame
And burst in thy name
Hope so much
From the pick
And leap as the maker
Feel so enrich
Truth and its own
Create as all the mind
To dream
Long as ago
So gone
And well

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Truth in thy

Inside paradise
Solve as the canyon
Held as the moment
And ride as all of time
Sequence as your point
Meant as the flow
And seek
As its own perspective
Doing nothing as funny
Those as the felt
And blend as the bait
For it was your making
And rise of time
Dealt to the part
In its own turn

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was your sight

talking as its own amazing

and floor as the door

and meant into the bother

and down as its own night

and making as its own choice

and establish

and feud as its own turn

and its own gain as its own strength

and motor as its own barrier

and level as its own order

and sought as theĀ  sudden

and making as its own moon

and fly as its own escape

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in that love

pure as the party

and hope as its own hip

and told as the level

and made as the secure

and point as it was the cool

and minute as its own source

pump no breaks

and its own meaning

and manner

as its own comfort

and dealt as its own romance

and interludes

as its own gather

and being as its own song

and part as all truth

and use as kept as time

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in as more

inside as its own gotten

and movement

and hope as the standing

and stance

and require

as the left

and right as into

and making as its own stunning

and straight as its own truth

and caught on the fly

and its own rise

and yield as its own driven

and leap

and help as its own making

and for the truth

and stop as its own entry

around telling flow

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