beauty of best

how  much the rain hit the window

and danced off of it

and yet the image of this time

and the day before

and the day thereafter as the months, years

and seasons changed

the  feeling of the familiar

only enhanced

and kept all things

as one

and nothing could walk on that cloud

and how it was the theme and standard

nothing of a question

as it forever stands

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words of love

how it feels

and the embrace

and the hands of the together

and where it reached like a flower

and the dance inside of a vase

and the cherish

and its  own meaning

and what it heard of the doing

and ride of the dime

and how it went so far

and its own showcase of the telling

and where it ran

and  thinking

and thought of the answer

and assumed

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revealed smile

rather be a memory

and  something of the solved

and what  it heard and saved by all

and those of the caring

and its own meant

and it took of the given

and where it captured

and how it often hid

and said not another lie

and what it restored

and kept upon

and spin like a  star

and rise unto

another mile

and where it was the shinning

and its own clear moment

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caring silence

can’t be seen

and can’t  be used

and how it all came together

and it all filled the ideas

and what it wanted

and before it was warned

and said as the same

and what it saw

and those of the burn

and its own edge

and turn

keeping of the timing

and where it was the edge

and how it kept of the manner

and what it used as a means

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drawn wonder

picture of nothing

and how it was the latest

and its own making of the  return of the feeling

of the empty leaves

that danced in past october

and where is the shadow

and its so sudden


and what it took

as a composed

and where it was so needed

and took as a move

of the hope

and what it  put a mark


and bask of the minute

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ocotber seldom

long odds

and how it was the


and its own everlasting

and caught of the river

and lets be so well into

the stakes and what was so naturally

going places

and never of standing around

and moving fingers with a moving mind

and yet back to the other source

and its own place

and how it caught along

and said something so unusal

dare of the long

and former of the  door

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instant source

things  came so fast

as it was the doing

of the meaning

and what it carried

and its own  story

and whose the  final verdict

and how it could all  told

and it caught of the side

of the eye

and rode its own


and  took on board

and ran  off so effort

and  those of element

and what it secured

and knew over and its dawn

taken as its own chapters

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heal of mood

does time erase

the bitter or is it a dance

that always  moves at its own rhythm

and what was the last time

all was cool

and  nobody was caught out here

acting the fool

and what is the new  rule

and somebody is out

to make you so


and where it longs of the  climb

and  best of its troubles

and how the water flowed

and wanted to know

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nothing seen

what it worked

and  how it was the caught

and those of the  taken

and how it heard

and its own best of being

and how it called

and it poured of the need

of the flourish

and its own taken of


and those of the blending

and something to follow

and how it said

and when it  recovered

and stayed so steady

and  are you ever afraid

and ran on down

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passing moves

didn’t it ever come

as real

and what it feels

as the common of the


and what it heard before it had

and those of the choice

without direction

and no rush

having its own set of rhtyhm

and bending of the rules

and its own exotic

or  extreme

and recreate

and stand around

and lets just  dream

and say something

and need its own


and select of the time

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