night light

close thy eyes

and wish upon the best of all stars

and be the mirror of the mind

and see things clearly

and so divine

and where it gathers

and it moved

and how it takes on a nice character of hope

and its own sudden


and presents

the gifts

and the meaning of all

and where it longs

and tends to be

and what it felt

and how it stands

rest in comfort

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Ben Affleck scared of his family’s slave holding past

Ben Affleck agreed to be on a show with Dr Henry Louis gates to trace

family ancestory

and it was discovered  that  Affleck’s family had Slaves

and  it amazes me when folks act like they are shocked or surprise

or  can’t imagine this happening

when it fact  its very much a reality in america

especially in the south. i mean i always say get a clue

and  how slavery impacted this country and understand

the realitys of it and what it means then

and now. however he wanted it to be erased

and act like it wasn’t a part of his being.

problem is when  you deny the obvious and go and try to hide.

better to acknowledge and also discuss and air it out.

it would be something to make a documentary

and also to understand the realitys that still divide america

and how it benefited him down the line and make no mistake

its  very real.

how embarassed are you that you found out or are you ashamed

at what the bigger picture here tries to ignore that aspect of this country

and tracing the past can lead to said revelations.

suddenly being an oscar winner, respected actor,writer,director

in hollywood can’t cover the reality

and fantasy ain’t as happening anymore. wake up call.

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whatever to happen

some realitys

and  how it was the


and where it was the last

and making it all laugh

and its own charm

and what is the reaction

and how it strived

and how it placed

and its own


and what it has

and then it was the coming of its own


and proving a theme

and where it leaps

and  nothing is questioned

and  how it charms

and  keeps on the cool

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stayed you

be where you are

be what you are

be cool as you need

and be of the  kind

and be of the standard

and be of the  words

and be of the truth

and be of the sun

be of the happening

and be of the truth

and be of the casting

and be of the


and how it


and warmed things

and felt the soul

and intense

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remembering the Oklahoma city bombings

hard to believe  its been twenty years already

and even more harder was to imagine

and seeing  buildings  being destroyed

and lives put at harm.

this was all before 9/11/01 and everything

that  went down and happen only six years later.

still this was scary and no answer.

the sights and sounds

and how it impacted so many lives of all backgrounds

and all parts of said places.

prayers,sentiments and knowing

this has never been forgotten

and it stays in the mind set.

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real deep

stood in the door way

of this street

somebody wasn’t sure

of the neighbor

wasn’t sure of the temptations

wasn’t sure of hope

and at times couldn’t cope

and somebody was dealing

and doing things

where it  left minds unsure

of where they fit in

words that were strong

and actions and attitudes

where it was kinda rough

and not easy to digest

and how it handles

and where it walks uneasy

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not wrong

make a point

and make a  chance

and how it was argued

and what is the taken

and how it sacrificed

and those of the making

and whenever one has to mention

and when it was the feeling

and how it just took a life

and went all its own

and what is the pure

and what is the speculation

and going back

and hearing it all again

and doing its own mind

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keep a dollar

somebody needed

and wonders

and how it was hurt

and some are short

and some have no hope

and some are in need

and plead

for a chance

and where it was the looking

and how it felt

and its own theme

and the pure

and how it leaped

at a chance

and doing all it was

the making

and how it sat onto

and what it was the coins

and its own unsure

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been amazed

times in life

and doing everything

and how it was the pleased

and its own caught

and what it heard

and how it made

and then this was the best of

the worlds

and its own purpose

and who is the scent

and what is the peak

and how it treats

and makes it all feel

so special

and the diamond beyond the sky

and reach the eyes

and full of zenith

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party arrival

best of times

and not leaving nothing

doing a move

and just a good time

and how it swings

and embrace

and have the time of your life

and the  scene

and how it feels so good

and everything is for  the moment

and not looking


and how it was the source

and its own feature

and what it made

and its own

best of  the


and its own charms

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