no questions asked

heard  where it was the mountain

and what it  danced

and  how it  thought

and heard it  coming on down

and those are the missions

and  what it pressed and how often

and those of the refusal

and how it wanted things to break

and play it all off

and how it wanted to make sure

and do the things

and be about

and how it  had

and what it needed

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fresh on back


and that time of a past

and where it  all seem to went

and how it  was the blinders

and  its own sheer bliss

and what is the making

and lets create a new vocabulary

and  allow the new air

and all its own scent

to pour

and be free

and how it was the  decorated

and its own lavendor

and how it was the brass section

and what it played and how it  came

with a reward of feeling

and being  heart felt

step back and smile a while

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one minute to sleep

like a seat belt

hold it all together

make it all the more aware

some birds  are  picking that moment

and time to fly away

and not be heard or seen since

and then others  are  use to

being left alone

and swinging freely

and how it was  the best of design

and no need to cry

and emerge

and what it was finally heard

and it was the last lap of the state

to be comfortable

and be unto that time

and peace

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only a picture fram

some times its  easier to look

and reflect

and ponder what was

and what could have been

and how it was silver

and the richness of  the gold

and where it was the rush and its own urgency

and  it was out of the picture

and  nobody dared speak or be reminded of still


and those are locked into a already past

and it was the best possible way to make it last then

and not take it to the now

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pick up the threads

did you ever stop the throbbing intense

passion what made the heart

always  dance off the walls

and how it felt as if a hero would emerge

and  capture it all

and be the wise

and what it spoke about

and how it was the love sick wings

and  its own cupid

and doing the  making

of a painting

and how it put all things as one

and its own same

some wonder the what ifs

and the possible

and should have

and yet a good eye

always sees the needle

for what it truly is and was

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insensitive past

thrown into the unknown

what is the  destiny

and how does it allow the roll

and its role to fully decide

and be onto and what it


and how it was the seperate  and mental unequal

and how it reserves and doesn’t say a word

for the mental war is always looking

directly and it sets its own divide

and how it conquers

and where it points

and how it paused so delicate

and so strongly

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little town

letters torn and washed away

and how it was a new life

and how it the actions

and the streets smell so different

and yet what happens

when your spirits never get old

and how it was the acclaim

and the remain

and party of the same

and what it reached back

and how it said little or nothing


and its own high

and where it was the sunny sky

and its own delights and charms

only a place where things stay the same

can afford such charms

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learned ways

if a book speaks to hate

and a relative represents all

the negative and rots the mind

of a chance to learn from that way

well then how shall it become

what stands under one nation

what stars represent

and what voices are heard

when the actual reality

it was never inclusion

and its ownselves were sold

into massive delusion

and how it bit

and wanted to avoid

and its own spinning wheels

and how it taught fear

as a political tool

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twisted cars

going your way

and doing things as it was so far

and where it was the long stretch limo

and how it was parked

and it only wanted a member whom

could afford and be onto its own


and how it came to accept said invitation

didn’t even matter since it was a honor

and tossed around like a pizza

and how it held up

and explored a territory

and all its glory

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caught eyes

must have been a freezer

and how it was so razor sharp

didn’t seem to matter

and  what is the tension

and why it was met with a cold stare down

and it was a below zero chill

of the two and how it was a clock

where things stood locked

and yet it was  a warm spring day

and all was well  in the  atmopshere

on the surface and yet it was  a direct innocence

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