hands cold

Damp role and hardly

In the first and used

Into the manner

And suggestion

And held on the stride

And long for the pictures

And solid and distance and nothing

To ever hide or run away from

Bridges and paths

Took a mental rush

And feel like never before

Solid on the eyes

Better for the surprise

Going in motions

Played to wait

Turning of time

Wonder who done

The crime

Look amazed

At the facts


And floss

Calling me





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going by love

Nothing else matters

Pour your emotions

Into a glass of forever

Rise and tap for the sound

Mood and ideas all in the round

Better to show and explain

Excitement and delight me

Hope it feels and caught

More on the known

Walking and recall

Keeping and more

Depend and excess of themes

Strong to the side

And wanted as a deal

And pause for the mood

Leap of reaction

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rise more

Told on the standing

Everything so planned

Might one invest and treasure

And escape and vanish

The moments and held as eyes

Drop on points and called

High inside and played tap

And long over and done

Where it was assumed

Rush and more

Sold and told

Have its own range

Those clapping and better

For the spirit and program

Grab onward

And feel things

So thought

Inner and reflect

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heard styles

catchy and familiar

where it was the longing

and strong to bare

feeling all it  spoke

and through the book

and make

on the aspect

and its own driven stance

and what it held

and making on the former


and battle on the being

and  felt for all

and called unto

and  being made as it was something to see

thus used

and its own  instant reaction

and problems it feels

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actions and speed

maybe i was fast

in the past ways

and thought conversation

and called upon

and looked  away

whose  cleaver and who

got around

ran a  mile

and felt the distance

summer  was the smile

and then like rain

it all suddenly changed

feeling its own emotions

and display as the urgency

and manner

for thy being

for  its own spot

and walk away as it was the true friend

never and argue

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shut down

flying  as free as a bird

taken by surprise

and caught upon

and enlighten

thus it was the effort

and manner on the trying and its

objects on the wall

and feelings so high

and well inside a purpose and tied as a place

catchy in memory and delicate as a jewel

and long toward a scene

actor and power are two  sides

of coins

and make as a surprise

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so few words

previous  display

connect and seek

the  themes

catching all kinds of feelings

long on tommorow

and chase inside all areas

and walked in place

thought on

and sailed well

heard a moment

and arrived so fast

and yet  the mind

stayed still

and held its point

stunning and communication

pause on the free

and long on the sea

and held on seasons

and temperture shall rise

and point

and delight

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known spot


and all of the meaning

and its own  puzzle

and where it was the capitol

and it held on the dazzle

and its own display

and long may it reign

and become on the better

and where it was the hottest day

and capture

and chase

and forever on the ending

and run on the turning

and left on the spot

and it said a whole lot

and circle again

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stood story

when it compares

thought on the feeling

and capture so  bare

dealing and well played

having it felt

and long to stay

inside the mind

and becoming of the paint

and among the dashing

and its own turn around

and it held on the purpose

and thought on the rather

and its own design

and whom it can grow

and never be left behind

and how it was the cool

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beauty embracing

hug the whole world

don’t want to be accepted

just want to give the love

don’t want the false reality of fame

and don’t want to play anybody’s games

don’t want to be called out of thy name

to be in that little clique

and have to deal

with that  way

and its own mental cave

and known and held

as best to its own power

forever is thy day

and called so well

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