Denzel Washington robbed of winning another award last night

on one Hand if you watch that fix  garbage known

as the Oscars then you already know that last year they got called out for Oscars being too White. glad Viola davis Won,   Moonlight did great as well,  however how you gonna ignore Denzel  Washington in two Categorys as a Actor and Director?

Denzel  been  the most important Black Male Actor for decades now in the Lead role

and i think they feel that since he won for “Glory” which was a powerful role however he got lashed in the film as a Black Man fighting for freedom without freedom, then he won again as a  Shady Police Officer in “Training Day”.  now the common theme here is if he is depended or thugging in a  role than he gets an award,

he  got robbed over “Malcolm X”, Hurricane, you can make an argument for his role in Philidelphia  and now Fences.

this is one of the many reasons why the Oscars are as overrated as those other award shows are period.

no matter what is said or though Denzel Washington represents as a Black Actor every time he is nominated and  the pressure is real.


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before this last

in the eyes held on the known

and when to light

and seduction on its own overall spell

and enter as it was the calling

and  held on the cherished

bother as it all becomes

and told on the outside

and cast as its own spell

and level

and maintain

and its own capture

and held on the scene

and thy mirror

and for its own shadow

and winds as all to change

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keep that marathon

avoid and its own mental conflict

and dealing as it was the parts

and lasting on the ribbon

and changed on the dice of the spin

and held on the wanted

and felt as it was the keeping

and meaning as it was the past

and caught on the manner

and its own eager

and feeling as it as the solved

and direct as it was the end

and never as to resent

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all said mystery

in its own current

and ran on the business

and its own keeping

and long

and it held on the strong

and waste

and before

and its own rush

and its own telling

and caught on the moment

and forever as it was the embrace

and its own telling

and kept

and it telling

and for the turning

and its own ease

and part as it was the sentiment

and moment

and its own move

and stride

and its own theme

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night as to be held

long on the music

and swing as the groove

and told on the signs

and used on the correct

and told on its own flown

and what it meant

and for the truth

and it held as candles as a beacon

and light that enriched

and its own souls

and  gather as the souls as it was the

sky of romance

and beauty

truth on its own


reach as it shall become as one


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something and later

once to gamble

and invest on the scene

and what is the water works

and whom was the  saint of the picture

who refuse to seperate the sinner

from its own moment of self defeat

and what it called

and its own  and forever

as it was the secure

and meant as it was the winds

and thought on the heart

and reflect as it was the furthest

as it was the coolest

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excuse as business

form and its own


and walked as it as the exit

and belong

and whom it feels so strong

and asked on the actions

and held on the pinpoint

and when it was the further

and held on the engage

and looking as it was the center

and remote as it was the front

and told as it was the story

and rewind

and become as it was the changing


and blend in a mood to find


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windows as bloom

in the meaning

and matter

and secure

and desire as it was the please

and well on the  front

and said on the correct

and meant

and telling

and how it was the ending

and its own moment

and told

and before

and when it was the chase

and purpose

and lucky as it was the shady

and format

and its own telling as it was the elevation

and determine

and placed

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all so new

can’t it ever appear

and won’t it ever be as it was suppose to be seen

those on the fight

and well into the light

and maintain

and all to beak

and how it was the push

and when it as the seeking

and emotion

and push as it was the hustle

and energy

and part on the subject

and its own actions

might it enter

and swing as its own moment

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beauty as taken of self

the roads of a unknown life

and what is the pool

and held on the sway

and long on the forever

and its own kindness

and held on the motor

and its own engine

and be so kind

and reward through the eyes

and enter a world

and embrace of the forever

and it held on its own dual

and yet it takes the soul

to a higher place

and it is a testimony

and a rise of forever

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