fancy smooth

something in the style

and the way it was the passion

and path on the coming

and what it longs

and it heard

and meant on the turn around

and back doing

and those of the more

and the cars

and its own plates

and visual

and stimulated aspect

and it held on the going

and that other path

and it held on the door

and used so well

and perfection

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some wonder

story is one thing

and the feelings are entirely different

who is the pool

and where is the cool

and thus it was the scent

and amongest it making all the sense

and loose

and where it was the nervous

and its own part

and where it gotten

and it held on the pysical

and loom on the matter

and when it was


and seen

and best on the turned

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only on a break

took away this affair

and how far does it mean you go

and where it leads

and how feelings

and emotions are worn clothes

and what else did you exactly shared

and trying to play it off

like it didn’t mean a thing

and yet it was the pull

and all of the pull

and the intersections

and wrecks on a play

and its own sentiment

and its own ways

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tell a heart

maybe you in love

and maybe you are a fool

and in between

you just playing yourself

and ain’t got a clue

and what is the rule

and who is the boss

and where is the love

and how it feels so cold

and warm

and what is your inner feelings

and what are you really trying to put down

and can’t find the words

and or the expression

and longing to become loved

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april 29

reservations on the floor

of this life

and all it could in detail

and many a time

and frame of the window

and whose on the playing

and used on the goal

and where it was the words

and it meant as a way

and those of the conflict

and  better it cared

and long to share

and those of the ways

and its own part

and further

and its own proof

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driven home

your own necessary

and  faster

and  keeping

and made on the took

on the leave

and it held on the  carry

and its own

and where it takes on the curb

and forever on the genius

and ideas on the signs

and where it leads the blind

and it here

and said on the coming

and when it was the hollow

and it looks

and it featured

and well

so solid

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nfl draft starts

its the super bowl for all teams on this weekend

and time.  everybody’s favorite team is a winner

until they make that pick which may or may not

decide their fate.

as a buffalo bills fan i just hope that my  team

gets what they need

and also catch a break.

these drafts are about mainly later in the rounds,think Tom Brady and Russell

Wilson amongest others. use to be folks would be clowned on a 5th or 6th round draft


the hype and the reality is something else all together.

football season is felt all year long

and everybody is on the clock and watching.

the NFL draft is arugably the biggest event for Hype than any other sports draft

when you think about.

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d’angelo and Princess tribute to Prince on the tonight show

i just wanted to say that D’angelo playing his tribute to Prince with Prince’s song”Sometimes it snows in April” was very moving and had alot of depth.

i always applaud when Musicians show their love and respect

and this was a moving performance and also Princess with Mia Rudolph

on vocals and Gretchen Lieberum did a great job under the circumstances.

you could tell it took every moment to hold back tears

and keep the song going on.

that was a very soulful tribute and cover. Props to D’angelo and Princess.

the video is all over the net and its very haunting.

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like more

things become in the air

and all it came to bare

and those of the tables

and words on the paradise

and made something so nice

and it felt as the cherished

and its own coming onto

its own

and used on the circle

and made to applaud

and those of the words

and something it feels so strong

and what it never wants to go wrong

and its own reality and some

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lasting reserve

mighty on the showing

and how it came unto purpose

and spend on the timing

and it walks

and it seeks on the theme

and lets push

and it arrived

and known on the sorrow

and how it blends

and its own words

and thought on the sacrifice

and held on the elbow on the ideas

and feeling on the train

and got its own direction

and parts on the move

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