last night august

see you in another time

and another way

and those of the evening

and where is the catching

and how it kept

and then it was the push

and how it keeps

of the words of the wanted

and how it kept of the appearence

and those of the science

and what it must have  took

and how it was the

dance and its own charm

and it kept on about

all in the air

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every coin

what it meant

and thought of the possible

and its own jewel

and how it feels

of the coming

and what it was forever

of its own  reward of the heard

and what is the last kind of words

and how it heard of the time

and what it must of the fortune

and how it was the willing

and thought of the taken

and innocent

of pure bliss

and how it earned

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listening to Bloodstone

one of those evenings

when i can hear the smooth sounds

and grooves of bloodstone

and they had  some truly strong memorable cuts

however something bout hearing

“natural high” hits the soul

and feels  so good

and is very lively

and one of those songs

where the vocals

and the  production

with the arrangements

feels out of this world still.

nothing quite like feel good cuts

and a message where you can relate

and enjoy.

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wonder it must

time of the suggestion

and how it was made of mental notes

and those of the edge

and what it kept on

and made of the lasting

and what it developed

and how it asked of the obvious

and those of the pleasing

and what it got of the known

and where it was the doing

and feeling of the

turn around

and how it was the leaping

and its own


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further down

house of the next

matter of the rules

and what it all stated

and how it flown

and those of the coming

and its own ending

and what it warned of the sea

and what it kept of the


and how it was the words

and what it knew

and how it makes of actions

and those of the doing

and where it found

a outlet

and best of burst

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your meaning

didn’t come off

as a one time


and like rocks

to the waters

of a empty pond

it made a leap

and sounded flat

and hard

what is the promise one made

to finish what it started

and its own message

and how it was the theme

and sang of the song

and lets all welcome

and been of the knowna

heard it all on the spot

of the solution

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walked slowly

nothing of the


and how it felt

and called of the having

and its own doing

and what it kept of the burst

and how it heard of the


and what it outta be

of the scene

and how it felt so easy

and then it was the task

of the glow

of the remarks

and finding what it shown

and what it must


and run onto its own


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even as it stood

once the word

and a shake was in place

then no need to ever

accept the dive

and get hustled by

the ride

and  where it knew

and feel

the extra take on


and what it heard of the blossom

and lets never split this life

like a part in the middle

and how it seemed and when toward

so well

and it kept on a doing

and is own mood

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have mind travled

half of the stars

and the other side of the universe

and what it wanted

and thought of the last of the felt

and what it ask of the asked ofthe


and what it used

as a idea

and how it lurks

and wants the  run

and took its own

something needed

and not into a whisper

and it shall be addressed

and how it keeps

and  returns that seal

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summer and rushed

doing all it can be allowed

of the remember

and what it  must have rushed

took overall

and what it seemed of the best

and how it sourced of the best

and then it was without flaw

and much of the beast of the days

and what it felt as it was growing

and took of its own

impression of the iron

and keep it so well

and  its own seen

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