wack Trump blaming President Obama for Russia?

everybody knows that racist hating Donald Trump hates President Obama

something mighty awful however this is beyond that and more.

i can’t believe the lowdown nature of Trump and his idiot supporters

and also them jive conservatives and some of them lame Democrats

who sit there

and allow Trump to blame any and everybody but himself.

he has a way of being a lame and has no shame at pointing the finger at others

however he won’t ever say yeah the folks he associated with have been caught

with there hands in the russian cookie jar.

what a lame and a bigot on top of that.


About mistermaxxx08

i believe in God first and foremost. i love the blessings of love,life and liberty and creativity. i believe in living a Blessed life and I enjoy encounters and the greatness of so many incredible souls who have united here and i enjoy the creativity and depth. we are all Unique. i welcome comments, questions,conversations and peace and the best to all.
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