Connor Mcgregor is a racist garbage calling Black fighters dancing monkeys

MCgregor may be a tight Fighter IN MMA however making racist loaded remarks

ain’t the look you wanna be rocking

and this is sad and I Hope Floyd ices his behind. i wanted Floyd to Win already

and now I hope He makes Mcgregor  stop fighting all together.

this kind of thinking is real out here on these streets and with that trump  garbage going down

even more turkeys are talking more reckless.



About mistermaxxx08

i believe in God first and foremost. i love the blessings of love,life and liberty and creativity. i believe in living a Blessed life and I enjoy encounters and the greatness of so many incredible souls who have united here and i enjoy the creativity and depth. we are all Unique. i welcome comments, questions,conversations and peace and the best to all.
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