Slavery in America

racially Profile

walking while Black

wrong neighborhood

bank loan, car loan

house loan

school system gives you one month

to acknowledge you

ghettos and projects

are the reward for plantations

and cotton fields

how a African in America

needs a passport again?

europe kidnapped the Black skin

free of charge

and the masha mind set

never went away

how a african in america

needs a passport to go back

to Africa again?

what has really changed

when the rules

and regulations

never were meant for inclusion

Africans in America

Illegal legal

and yet free labor

is a lifetime Green Card?




About mistermaxxx08

i believe in God first and foremost. i love the blessings of love,life and liberty and creativity. i believe in living a Blessed life and I enjoy encounters and the greatness of so many incredible souls who have united here and i enjoy the creativity and depth. we are all Unique. i welcome comments, questions,conversations and peace and the best to all.
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