Jeffrey Lord got his racist behind served by CNN with Pro Nazi salutes

i never could stand that cucumber head turkey

and now the arrogance

and audacity of that bigot fool to do a nazi salute

in a time when quite a few folks feel that Donald Trump thinks

and feels that he is Hitler Jr in the making.

so Jeffrey Lord went there

and got served

and his booty got shown the door by CNN.

he was such a kiss up to trump it ain’t even funny.

he been talking foul and reckless for a good minute.



About mistermaxxx08

i believe in God first and foremost. i love the blessings of love,life and liberty and creativity. i believe in living a Blessed life and I enjoy encounters and the greatness of so many incredible souls who have united here and i enjoy the creativity and depth. we are all Unique. i welcome comments, questions,conversations and peace and the best to all.
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