david duke told trump we own you and we want you to deliever

when the former grand wizard of the KKK comes on tv

and says we put you where you are

and you better deliever oon your promise

or  they gonna turn on you.

the evil devils  stay knowing

that  trump

ain’t  running from his home base

and how he really

and truly feels.

the sad reality that the majority

of people who are down

with trump

accept this hatred

which ain’t going nowhere.


can’t ever speak on Racism


he benefits from it.

travel ban

and the way he talks

to minorites

its gonna be something

if white folks ever fully turn against


he ain’t been dragged on the lawn

for his racist behavior

and tendences

and Trump

pushed a Hate agenda

against  Obama

so  his acting indifferent

ain’t shocking or surprising

and you know

that  David Duke

is speaking from

inside information.


About mistermaxxx08

i believe in God first and foremost. i love the blessings of love,life and liberty and creativity. i believe in living a Blessed life and I enjoy encounters and the greatness of so many incredible souls who have united here and i enjoy the creativity and depth. we are all Unique. i welcome comments, questions,conversations and peace and the best to all.
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