friday as best

told this time was the rule

and sending

as its own part

and following

as its own heart

and stream

as its own road

and flowing

as its own dream

even as its own

telling as its own caught

as its own cahnging

as the feeling

as the making

and whom

into the goal

turning as the new of the flown

as its own wonder

and who as its own given

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spring to go

thought as its own window

as its own space

as its own learning

and caught

as its own further

and ending

as its own telling

asked as its own focus

as its own learning


turning as its own meaning

gave as its own fuel


as its own return

and whom as its own keeping

as its own driven

when it was the lesiure

as its own felt and caught as its own stance of time

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Dwight Howard had a 30 point and 30 rebound game first time that has happen in many a moon where was this during his peak and Prime?

Dwight Howard who currently plays for Charoltte Hornets  had a 30 point and 30 rebound game and the potential was always there however he never brought his game on a whole where it should be.

all these teams that he has gone to and  been with. he is a outside the door looking to get in the hall of fame. if he had have done some of this earlier in his career  he might be seen as a all time great as to being a pretty good to very good player for a window of time.

right now Howard is the kind of center alot of teams could use, however nobody wants to take on that rent because of his past.

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Mike D’Antoni is trpping with calling James Harden the Best Offensive Player I’ve ever seen

james Harden is Badd in the current NBA and He been in the runner up role of MVp Consideration two of the past 3 years. harden has handles and can score. Mike D’antoni’s system is the business. however James Harden while Great for his time,is far from being the best Offensive Player ever. he might be in the 50 to 150 list. i will say this about Harden getting to the free throw line and flopping he is gonna be way up there.

D’antoni  has a system where he will have another League MVP and he should be happy.

James Harden is hitting his stride however lets stop with the over the top statements.

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RIP To Queen Latifah’s Mother Rita Owens

sad and  sorry to hear that Entertainer Queen Latifah aka Dana Owens lost her Mother Rita Owens to a heart condition, and they were extremely Close. its always tough to Loss loved ones

and this has impact big time. She was very Young at Only age 69. the story has been Latifah’s Mother

had been dealing with a Heart condition Problem for years and Latifah said her Mother is now at peace.

prayers and thoughts are with the Owens family in this time of greiving. Rest In peace

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yes in space

stunning as its own capture

and whom as its own slight

and further as its own extension

and following

as its own flight

and words as its own secure

and window

as its own open

and long

as its own forecast

and dawn

as its own keeping

as its own theme

and meaning

and truth

as its own use

and whom

as its own pure

and length

as its own dime

and seconds

as again

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march until this arrive

whom as its own sending

as its own recall

and dance

as its own miles

and measure

as its own sweep

as its own long

and held toward

as its own soul to keep

and better as its own feeling

and felt as its own location

as its own meaning

and moment

as its own held

and feelings

as its own sight

and return

as the mood as its own flight

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Ole Gold digger Karen Mcdougal selling to get paid by mesing with dirty Dawgg Donald Trump

trips me out how this gold digging trick is on Anderson cooper up here talking about Cold Feet and yet she got paid and all expense paid for whatever. you can tell Donald Trump

ain’t got no pimp Game whatsoever because Gold digging tricks like this is suppose to be paid,traveled and not heard. ex playboy playmate was the side dish mistress

and was laying in the cut. did she blow all her loot? I mean who is gonna come on tv

and be excited at being knowing Trump a Sloppy thirds. this trick is like a bad Actress who couldn’t get a job sweeping the floor on the  Lifetime network.

Anderson cooper props to him for keeping a straight face. she needs some new 2918 loot.

she wants to come off all loyal and not wanting this out and yet her she is on tv getting ready to style and profile. Sugar Daddy App Alert is going off watch out for this gold digging trick.

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telling your system

turning as it sown rumble

and held as its own sound

and sight  for the rule

as its own caught

and down

as its own use

and whom as its own turning

and making

as its own touch

and whom as its own river

and part as its own

the forever as its own held

and looking

as its own within

as its own telling

and caught as its own steady

as now

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John Dowd Racist Donald Trump’s lawyer quit his behind because the russia reality is real

its all coming into view special Counsel Robert Mueller bringing the heat

and Trump’s crew is singing to the birds and there is gonna be more singing.

when your lead attorney throws in the towel then you know it ain’t a good look

and its own only a matter of time before the smoke and fire

comes with no water hose to cool down the scene.

Trump gotta be honest for a change good luck with that.

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