saga and focus

through as the walls

and speculation

and whom as the call

and remain

and beat

and thrive

and whom

as the push

and part

and when as the close

and loom

and water

as the bringing

and cease

and conflict

and when as the distance

and comfort

and when as the meaning

and mention

and before

and when as the seeking as the arrive

and plenty

as it called

and sought

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focus and saga

in any doubt

and when as the key

as the talking

and when as the set

and caught as the challenge

and whom

as it becomes

vow as the gather

and truth as the touch

and seconds

and alone as its own idea

and felt as the circle

and circle

and the flesh

and flow as the meaning

and manner as its own door

and story as it was the rush

and roar

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something and part

telling as the actions

and whom as the other

and better as kept

and touch

and truth

as the elusive

and when as the caught

and said as the better

and front

and the zone

and held

and said as theย  keeping

and said as the fought

and entire

and better as the leap

and keeping

as its own whom

and said as the dance

and caught as the light

and felt as its own name

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free and standing

walking as the miles

and held as the country

and when your fruits

and thought as the bare

when it composed

and set as it was the amaze

and broke free of those level

and whom

as it well

and past

and last

and common

and felt as its own taken

and whom

as the necessary

as it becomes

and held as the truth

and turning

as the exhale

and need

as it was the wanted

and felt

as it did

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standing and free

have your face

and sing

and let it be known

and always reaching

and mentally teaching

and long

and settle as its own felt

and caught

as the rush

and circle

and plenty

and better as it said

and its own part

and circle

and down as the place

and when as it

and circle

and leap

and better as the touch

and the spread

and during

as it seems

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drop in the bucket

something was special

and others were in a mind

and how it all something

and caught as the bringing

and forever as the side

and slide

and compare

and when as the need

and the touch

and truth

and wait

and caught as the emotions

and sought

and felt

as the running

and held as its own

and whom as it


as it heard

story as its own magic

and rise as the other

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meant it all


and whom

as the feelings

and down

and distance

and caught as the inside

and meant as it seemed

and where

and which way

dare it longs

and felt as it seems

to go

as the element

and direction

and funny as the space

and caught as when

and water

as its the meaning

and mood

and conflict or was it really

and whom as the sane

and still




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around acted

better as the shine

and caught as the rise

and learning

and leap

and forever

as it seems

as it wanted

and whom

as it begin

and when it was the keeping

and touch

and felt as the wise

and something as the intense

and direct

and caught as the factor

and felt as its own whom

and when

as it bask

and took as it seemed

to a task

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acted around

thought as it was the path

and naked

and a rush as its own circle

and clear

as the bath

and whom as the truth

and stunning as it was to tell

and meaning

and mention

as it caught

and better as the hours

and fasten

and whom as the side

and pure

as it was so long

and belong

as the wave

and seeking

as it appears

and dealt as gone

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certain and whom

thought as the minutes

and rescue

and when as the calm

and even

and when as the other

and felt as the before

and duration

and circulation

and rise

and real

and when as the whom

and before

and better as its own the full

and said as its own pause

and ending before it caught

and chased away

and being as it

and all that it seems

were all again

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